Vanoi Valley

The shelter Lozen is situated in Mezzano, at 2 km from the village of Zortea (Canal San Bovo), in Vanoi Valley, and at 14 km from Fiera di Primero, immerses in the green of the surrounding woods and at short distance from Lake Calaita.

Lozen resort Calaita lake and Pale di San Martino The centre of Zortea

The beautiful Vanoi Valley - the "Green heart of Trentino"- in located in Eastern Trentino, almost on the border with Veneto.

Rif. Lozen, in Trentino!

It is achievable, after having crossed the valley of Cismon, through the tunnel Totoga at the entrance of the Valley of Primiero and through the Brocon step after covering the Valsugana and Tesino. An alternative route of access is the step of Gobbera, departing from Imèr.

• By bus you arrive from Feltre with 4 daily trips that coincide with the train from Padua; from Trento with the extra-provincial service (changes in Borgo Valsugana, Arten or Imèr), from Venice or Milan, in the touristical season, with Brusutti, SITA, Trentino Trasporti.

• The nearest airports are located in: Venice (115 km), Verona (160 km), Treviso (95 km), Bolzano (115) Milan (345 km).

• The train station nearest with the connection service (bus) to the Valleys of Primiero and Vanoi is in Feltre (with direct trains from Rome, Milan, Padua).

1. Motorway A1 e A13 (Florence-Bologna-Padua)
2. Motorway A4 e A31 (Milan-Vicenza-Valdastico)
3. Motorway A4 e A27 (Venice-Trieste-Vittorio Veneto)
4. Motorway A22 (Modena-Brenner)

Affittacamere Lozen

Loc. Lozen n. 1
Valle Del Vanoi

Tel. 0439/719066

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