Arnaldo Bettega, the landlord owner and careful researcher of the culinary traditions of the valley of Vanoi, looks after the cuisine himself proposing ancient handed specialties which: "le pape" (semolina cooked in milk), "el pisa stort" (cream cheese), soup of barley and corn, "el br˛t BrusÓ" (with roasted flour), "la torta de pan" (a bread pie) and "sm˛rum coi pomi" (apple crepes).

Arnaldo Bettega spends his time cooking Natural food made in Lozen Small helper grows up

For those who prefer the traditional dish, never run short the polenta, tosŔla (fresh cheese of the zone), luganeghe (sausauges), trouts and fresh mushrooms.

The house organizes dinners and banquets on order.

Restaurant room Sight on the restaurant Angle of the stube